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This curated collection of online, interactive tools can help you implement best energy practices and explore opportunities to add solar and other clean energy projects to your property. Specific topics include estimating the cost of installing rooftop solar and storage systems, building the business case for financing energy efficiency projects, learning how to interconnect larger distributed generation projects to the grid, tracking the status of PACE projects in Texas, and how to create a benchmarking program in your community.

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Home Energy Efficiency CalculatorEvery year numerous people lose out on energy savings because their home isn’t properly weatherized with the most economical and energy efficient retrofits. This primer and tool will help you, as a homeowner, decide the best weatherization fittings for your home. With a comprehensive primer on weatherization, an FAQ, and user-friendly tool, this is everything you need to get started on your weatherization journey.
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Texas Building Performance Standards ToolThe Texas Building Performance Standards Tool is an online decision framework designed to help cities and counties assess the opportunity to implement BPS for commercial properties in their community.
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Microgrid Resilience Online ToolMicrogrids, or distributed energy resources able to power local loads, can provide resilience to power outages. This guide provides a framework for evaluating whether your site could benefit from a microgrid. Each step of the framework includes background for why the step is important. Some steps include resources or data to help you complete them.
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Electricity Bill Analysis Toolbox The Electricity Bill Analysis Toolbox is an interactive way to understand your electricity bill and the types of plans that could be best for your household. With the Electricity Bill Analysis Toolbox, residents can find out if they might be paying too much for electricity, guess the type of plan that will best fit a household like theirs, and then make adjustments to find out the best type of electricity plan for their household.
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Texas Solar + Storage CalculatorIs rooftop solar + storage a good fit for your home or business? HARC, in partnership with the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), developed the Texas solar + storage calculator to help you find out.
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Energy Savings and Financing Tool for Texas Commercial PropertiesThis tool and suite of resources helps owners and operators of small and mid-sized commercial buildings in Texas explore potential cash flows and financing scenarios (including PACE) associated with implementing energy saving measures. Whether you have already identified energy and water efficiency projects to implement or are just getting started, this tool will help you build a business case for project financing.
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The ERCOT Interconnection DashboardThe ERCOT Interconnection Dashboard helps track investment in new generation across Texas and to identify trends that will facilitate further investment decisions.
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Distributed Generation Interconnection Tool for TexasThis tool is a step-by-step guide on how to interconnect a 10 MW or larger distributed generation or “generation resource” to the ERCOT transmission grid. This tool can help ensure a successful and timely interconnection process from beginning to end.
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TX-PACE Energy and Emissions TrackerThis interactive tool allows viewers to see how TX-PACE projects are reducing energy and water consumption, lowering emissions, and providing significant economic benefits. The status of TX-PACE can be reviewed for each region or at the state-wide level.
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Benchmarking and Transparency Tool for CommunitiesThe US Department of Energy provided funding to the Texas State Energy Conservation Office to develop a web-based tool that would help communities across Texas benchmark their own government buildings, and create programs for other buildings in their community.